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Our Services:

The Law Offices of Chad Carlock practices in a variety of areas.

Civil Litigation:
From breach of contract to employment disputes to injuries to person or property, the Mr. Carlock has the knowledge and experience to represent clients in a variety of civil litigation matters.

Administrative Law:
Many of today's business activities are licensed, regulated, or funded by an administrative agency. Administrative hearings, enforcement actions, audits, and other proceedings can be confusing and unfair without competent representation. Mr. Carlock is both knowledgeable and experienced in the intricacies and procedures of pursuing administrative remedies, as well as judicial review of administrative action. In particular, Mr. Carlock regularly represents numerous nonprofit agencies throughout California who provide services to persons with developmental and other disabilities.

Business Law:
The Law Offices of Chad Carlock assists new and existing business entities in matters of corporate governance and restructuring, as well as organization and compliance issues.  Once formed, businesses also frequently need ongoing advice and assistance with contracts, leasing, compliance, and other issues, all of which Mr. Carlock can provide.

Local and State Government:
Carlock has an intimate and firsthand knowledge of how government works, and can provide assistance and counsel in working with government agencies and elected officials.  Mr. Carlock also deals with claims and lawsuits against and involving municipalities and other government entities.

Landlord/Tenant Law:
The Law Offices of Chad Carlock is familiar with all aspects of residential leasing, purchase option agreements, fair housing law, reasonable accommodations, and other aspects of landlord/tenant law.  Carlock regularly advises and represents property managers and tenants in resolving disputes and litigating those disputes when necessary.

Land Use and Zoning:
Land Use and Zoning law can be a complicated and rapidly-evolving field. It requires knowledgeable counsel to steer through the maze and obtain required approvals, challenge questionable projects, or to understand how local government land use operates. The Law Offices of Chad Carlock can provide that expertise.

Mr. Carlock has the poise, competence, and professionalism to represent you or your business in all manner of civil trials, appeals, and hearings.  He has conducted civil trials in both State and Federal Court, as well as appellate matters, writ proceedings, and matters before administrative agencies.

General Practice:
The Law Offices of Chad Carlock provides advice, analysis, and options regarding virtually any legal situation.

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